What Does Local SEO Expert Offer?


Local SEO Expert is your one stop shop when it comes to purchasing Quality Backlinks, Receiving Local SEO Services and Getting an understanding of the Latest Methods which Impress Google Bot. It can be difficult to find a real ‘Local’ SEO Expert which you can Liaise with, although we have met for proposals with clients in the past, it has always been agreed upon that it is better to keep in contact via email and telephone on a day to day basis.

We use the term ‘Local SEO’ as an indication that we offer a close relationship with our customers and we send regular updates in the form of CSV spreadsheets or PDF’s detailing various ranking positions for keywords that you are trying to target for your campaigns.

Our Web Developer Richard Brown offers full Web Consultancy since he is a graduate in Graphic Design and recognizes that the visual aspect of Web Design can be an important factor in your visitors decision making. An example of visual aid enticing your customers is that if your website looks like a flat brochure with no call to action then potential customers will immediately hit the back button on their browser, the chances are that our video captured your attention as humans are visual creatures!

Through our dedication to the Internet Marketing field we know the factors that result in conversions for your products or services, we spend hours everyday testing new software’s such as Google Web Optimizer for comparing the selling power of different versions of a Webpage.

We also recognize that Social Media can create ‘Viral Traffic’ to spread your ideas, we are one of the only SEO companies that will provide ‘Branded Tweets’ these are the only DoFollow backlinks on Twitter that Google will give credit for, we have tested them and seen the results in rankings. Word of Mouth and Video channels provide the second largest volume of traffic behind Google online, we can provide a variety of animated videos to help you set up a Youtube Channel, we also monitor social network marketing to inform you when someone is referred to your site email or forums.

If you do not want to benefit from our full range of experience in areas such as OnPage SEO, Keyword Analysis, PPC Marketing, we have some online resources such as Article Submission, Social Bookmarking and Directory Submission where we provide you with reports and you will see an immediate improvement in your rankings!

To see an example of the OnPage SEO we provide and how we can regularly update your sites blog with unique copyrighted content.